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The Sounds in NYC, 11/24

The girls of Oxford House made a pilgrimage to see the Sounds. It was better than we ever could have hoped. Maja is everything we wished for and more. These are my notes from last night.

Apparently Sounds fans are more hxc than me. When El got here, the line was around the block. Also, very many of them are wearing Sounds merch. Also, man, are there a lot of dudes in this crowd!

The first opener is Liam and Me and I'm in love. They have really precious boys and the lead singer plays keys and does hand motions. During the second song, he lifts his own lighter.

We have befriended the boy standing next to Marigolde. He looks just like Patrick (down to getting ragey over clubs that make him take off his hat and being a little alarmed at Maja's base camp) except that he's wearing glitter. We love him.

There's a pocket of rowdy former frat boys who clearly came just to see Shiny Toy Guns. The drummer has eye makeup like RyRoss and they all look sort of like AFI. Even the girl. I was mad about standing behind the tallest guy in the room, but STG is using the world's brightest strobe, so I'm glad for the cover.

El spots Maja in the VIP. She is way more badass in person. We can't stop looking at her tattoo.

She's all short shorts and hotness. I see why the fbr boys would be taken with her. One part giggling girl, one part cocky badass, one half part dork. She jumps on the bass drum in her leather jacket and heeled sandals, she spits and throws beer at us, she oscillates between "you know you want me" and "I can't believe you like me!" She reminds me a lot of William and Travis. She's more gorgeous in person, but also more approachable. I want to go have a drink with her and let her get me into trouble. Mmm. Plus, her voice is amazing. She had mad sexual tension with Felix and Jesper, but I think she could have chemistry with a five pound bag of flour. At one point in the encore, she mimed making out with Felix, then dropped to her knees and fell back to the floor (she is bendy) and Felix mimed fucking her with his guitar while she writhed around. It was really, insanely hot. And I can see why she's switched to shorts (booty shorts with the legs folded up). Half of her moves are high kicking or squatting. We would have seen base camp every ten seconds. As it was, I can tell you that her panties were red.

Night after night (fast version)
Queen of apology
Dance with Me
7 days a week
24 hours
Hit me
Night after night (slow version with just Jesper, who is an amazing pianist, and Maja, smoking)
Hurt you
Tony the Beat (Maja lifts her shirt, does obscene things with her mic stand, and keeps grabbing her crotch like she's having the personal fun. It is so sexy we might die.)
Goodbye 70s (A Yaz cover! I might DIE.)
Running out of turbo
Painted by numbers
The Fire

Living in america
Song with a mission (Maja takes this opportunity to crowd surf. She manages to fling herself six rows out, which means that I can grab her hand. Toby touched her THIGH!)
I Hope You're Happy Now

We weren't going to see the Sounds in San Francisco next week on our vacation, but now I think we have to. She had eye sex with everyone in the front row. I need to be in the front row.

Oh, and we totally dragged gay!Patrick to dinner with us after. He's precious!
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gigantic said the exact same thing, about there being an inordinate amount of guys at the The Sounds show she went to in Boston. I wonder if that has anything to do with the fact that Maja comes embarrassingly close to flashing her cooch to the crowd every time she moves.
Oh god, Sunday, come faster!!1
*moves to America just to see this*